“Get in the photo!” That is what I tell people when they don’t like having their photo taken (myself included.)

Wait. Let me explain further. The photos we already have of our loved ones, we look at them lovingly and remember certain memories captured. It could be your child’s toothless grin, the laughter you share with your sibling, the loving embrace of your mom and dad, or the gentle touch of a grandparent. Let’s preserve those memories through photography. Your family will want you in there with them – so get in the photo.


One Immediate Family (up to 45 mins) $400 + hst
– add grandparents $50 + hst
– online gallery


Multiple Families (up to 1 hour) $600 + hst
– grandparents, parents, children, grandkids
– online gallery


Siblings Only (up to 45 mins) $300 + hst
– online gallery


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